Welcome to First Annual Legends Invitational. It will occur in June with the Final being held in July. Each match is on the weekend and there is a 16 contestant cap allowed for the tournament. The games used must be from Gen. V. (Black and White). Sign Up in the Comments



A Division format shall be used. Similar to a Football league, two divisions will exist and have an equal number of users. You will play everyone in your division once.

The top two users on the leaderboard will advance to the Semi-Finals. In the event of three users being top, you will be judged on your PokeDifference (Same as Goal Difference in Football/Soccer).


The Semi-Finals will feature two battles:

    • Match A: Division A Winner vs Division B Runner-up
    • Match B: Division A Runner-up vs Division B Winner

The winner from each battle will advance to the Finals. In the event of a Tie in a match, the user of the final move will be the winner.


The winner of Match A and the Winner of Match B will battle for the title of "Master of BW".


The Tournament Rules are as follows:

  • Triple Battle, all at 100. No exceptions
  • 3 Pokemon Only
  • Pokemon Restrictions:
    • Non-Legenderaires
    • Spiritom, Shedninja, Sableye
  • You must stick with the Six Pokemon you enter the tournament with. Moves can be changed however.
  • You must save your battle replays and upload them to the GTS Station after a battle and supply the viewing code. This is for proof of Victory/Loss/Battle/PokeDifference
  • In the Finals, 1 Starter from ANY Region will be allowed to enter.
  • Any use of Hacking/Cheating will result in an instant Disqualification from the entire tournament. To prove they are not hacked, you must use